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Below we aim to convince you that we are the friendliest and most innovative usability platform in Europe. Prefer to get to know us over a video call? Book a demo with us.

At User Sense, everything we do revolves around making the lives of (end) users easier. Research has shown that over 50% of website visitors have problems making online purchases.

We believe we all can do a better job.

That is why we - Frank Buijze and Tim van der Gouwe - created User Sense at the beginning of 2019. User Sense helps you view your website, app or prototype through the eyes of your user.

We show you what users encounter while using your site and think along with you in improving your site’s user experience. In short, we do the following:

  • Help you recruit testers from your target audience
  • Show you how users experience your website, app or prototype on desktop and mobile
  • Facilitate the analysis of usability tests using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We help software to be more human.

The team

Tim van der Gouwe

Co-founder of User Sense and UX Research Lead, responsible for design, marketing and sales.

Frank Buijze

Co-founder of User Sense and responsible for development.

UX Research Team

A team of UX Researchers that conduct user studies across Europe.

25 000+ testers

More than 10 000 testers are ready to test websites, apps and prototypes.