No time for UX Research? We can help.

Do you often postpone UX research? Then use the UX team of User Sense to ensure that the research is carried out anyway. 

We are passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses to improve their prototype, website or app. We do this through our all-in-one UX Research platform. We help you recruiting testers, conducting the test sessiones and deliver a detailed but actionable UX Research Report

We can help you conduct UX Research in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain

  • More than 10 000 testers in UKI, NL, BE, DE, FR & ES
  • We share actionable UX Insights in a UX Research Report
  • Fully remote means affordable rates (starting from €1390 per project)
Executed by our UX-team

Full service through our UX Platform

You decide what you want to know, we make sure you get the answers.

1 - UX intake and kick off

Work with (y)our UX Researcher on setting up research questions and the user test plan.

2 - We execute the user tests

We recruit your target audience and conduct the sessions through the platform.

3 - UX Report and Advice

The findings are presented in a UX Report and supported by a highlight video.

1 - UX intake and kick off

After the free UX intake, (y)our dedicated UX Researcher will schedule the kick-off meeting in which all stakeholders are invited to join. The purpose of this meeting is to formulate clear research questions so that we can create a test plan that will contribute to reaching the goals your organization has set.  

Once this is done, we will discuss the recruitment criteria for the the test in which we can make a combination between demographic and behavioural criteria. In this way we can be sure that the respondents match with the target audience. The recruitment, screening and payment of respondents takes place via the User Sense platform.

2 - We execute the user tests through our platform

The User Sense platform takes the hassle out of user testing and automatically invites respondents who match the recruitment criteria. Depending on your research question, we can execute in-depth interviews, moderated or unmoderated user tests

What are the benefits of our platform?

  • Observe the test sessions when they are being executed
  • Avail of our tester database of over 10 000 testers across  UKI, NL, BE, DE, FR & ES
  • Access the test sessions through your customer or agency account and share them with colleague

3 - UX Report and advice

Once the sessions are executed, (y)our UX Researcher will start analysing the test sessions. Our annotations will be added to the video, so that you can see what stood out to our UX team. 

After this, we summarize the findings into a clear and actionable UX Research Report. The benefits of a UX Report?

  • It speeds up the process as all UX insights are summarized in one report;
  • An external report helps convince stakeholders improvements are necessary;
  • You get a fresh pair of eyes on the UX issues you are facing

Of course, you have full access to the test session through your customer or agency account. This means you can review those in your own time. 

In addition to this, we make sure to merge the most interesting UX insights into one highlight video. In our experience, this works really well to engage the development team and other external stakeholders. 

Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions and answers.


User Sense currently has over 10 000 active testers.

Our testers are mainly living in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. Because the pool of User Sense is quite young, we are often able to recruit for complex respondent profiles as well. 


We make sure that respondents do not test too often. We keep track of how many times a tester has participated in surveys in the past few months and make sure they participate in no more than two tests per month.

Yes, it is possible to have colleagues or clients attend the session as observers. They can help add survey notes and participate in the chat. To ensure that the tester does not feel too watched, observers do not participate in the conversation. In practice, this means that the webcam and microphone of the observer are always off.

Currently, sessions remain available on the User Sense platform for six months. During this period you can view, analyze and share the sessions with colleagues. You can also download the sessions, so that they can be referred to internally.

All testers go through a sign-up process that explains what is expected of them during user studies. Things like having to think out loud and give as much feedback as possible is therefore something they are familiar with.

In most cases we only conduct test sessions with testers who have successfully passed the qualification test. This way you know for sure that you are recruiting testers who can articulate themselves and like to give feedback.

In many cases testers can be recruited within 72 hours, although it is recommended that you take longer. In general, the earlier the recruitment is done, the more applications will come in. 

Yes, it is possible to invite your own testers. Of course we do not charge recruitment costs. You pay for the use of the platform. More information about the rates can be found on this page.

Yes, it is possible to have colleagues or clients attend the session as observers. They can help add survey notes and participate in the chat. To ensure that the tester does not feel too watched, observers do not participate in the conversation. In practice, this means the observer's webcam and microphone are always off. 

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