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User Sense
Customer Satisfaction Research

How satisfied are your customers and how can this be improved?

A customer satisfaction survey shows you how (un)satisfied customers are with the products and services a company offers. Using customer feedback, you can improve your product, service, marketing or communication.

  • Executed via our own platform for UX and Market Research
  • Invite existing customers to take part, fully in line with GDPR
  • Our research service takes care of the entire research process
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Satisfaction and recommendation

Measure overall satisfaction (CSAT) and recommendation intention (NPS).

Extensive customer insights

Detailed insights into what goes well and what can be improved

Independent research report

An independent research report with concrete areas for improvement.

Our approach

Research service

Recruiting customers



Our approach for market potential and feasability studies

Quantitative validation through metrics and questionnaires is the way to go for customer satisfaction research. This means that surveys play a crucial part. However, we can also conduct interviews and focus groups for additional insights. 

Potential research methods 
  • Surveys. In situations where statistiscal validity is key and the test is focussed on gathering data through open and closed ended questions.
  • Interviews. For gaining in-depth insights, where an interviewer discusses the concept in detail with the respondent.
  • Focus groups. For gathering qualitative insights through discussing topics in a group setting. and group discussions. 

Which method is best suited to your needs?

Share your use case nd we provide you with an answer in 24 hours.

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Let us take care of the entire research process

Our researchers will help you choose the right research method and research questions after which we will conduct the study on your behalf.

Avail of realtime insights and our livestream

Track the progress of the study realtime via our platform. Choose to attend sessions with an interviewer by joining our livestream or playback the recordings afterwards.

Receive an actionable research report in two weeks

This way, you can start implementing optimizations right after the study. Curious to see what a research report looks like? Download a research report here.

Recruit customers via User Sense

We can help recruit customers for customer satisfaction surveys. This reduces the likelihood that only very positive or negative customers will participate in the survey.

Invite existing customers

Invite your own customers to take part in the study. This can be done without creating an account, which means your customers will not be added to our database if they take part.

Hassle-free recruitment due to reminders, instructions and local support

We avoid no-shows and technical issues by working with auto-reminders, translated instructions and localized support teams.  

What can you expect from a customer satisfaction study?

After conducting a customer satisfaction survey, the following is clear:

  • What the overall customer satisfaction and recommendation intent is
  • What things are going well and what needs improvement
  • How the company is performing against the competition
Research report and full access to research data

Our researchers analyse all sessions and take extensive notes, which can be viewed via the platform. Afterwards, the results are summarized and interpreted in a Research Report

Download a Research Report

Download an example of a research report for free. 

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Costs of Customer Satisfaction Research (Research Service)

The costs of customer satisfaction studies are dependent on the methods used. Curious to see what research method we recommend and how much it would cost? Then request a free quote.

Costs of conducting Customer Satisfaction Research research yourself

Use our platform to conduct online surveys, interviews or user tests and to recruit respondents for your study. Visit our pricing page to get an idea of the pricing.

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Find out how much it would cost within 24 hours.

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Knowledge base

Learn more about conducting customer satisfaction research

Learn more about conducting customer satisfaction research in our knowledge base.

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Frequently asked questions

Below you find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed below? Then contact us directly

Yes. We adhere to all privacy regulations in Europe, which means we store data in Europe. For specific questions with regards to GDPR, please do not hesitate to contact us

We have implemented a wide range of quality control measures to guarantee tester quality. We manually check all unmoderated sessions. For moderated sessions or interviews, customers can reach out to us within 24 hours to flag any issues. 

We use a wide range of channels - ranging from offline advertising to online campaigns - to make sure that we build up a tester database that is representative of the population. In addition to this, we have translated and localized tester sign up processes so that all testers can sign up in their local language. 

Yes, we have multiple bulk packages available in which a discount is included. 

We operate in all European countries. We have the strongest presence in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain. However, our platform can be used in any country. We can facilitate recruitment and research services across Europe. 

Yes, we can take care of tester incentives. In addition to providing advice on the incentive itself, we can process tester payments within two business days after completion of the session. 

Yes, you can invite self-recruited testers for interviews or user tests via our platform.

Yes, we welcome all Europe-based agencies. In addition to an agency account, agencies can also avail of our Agency Network. Please book a demo with us for more information.